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Robert Holmes

Co-Founder, CEO & Coach Trainer
Canberra, ACT / Riverina NSW

Robert is an expert in the science of human behaviour and performance enhancement with a passion for neurology, leadership and the psychology of potential. He believes it is important to bring hard science to coaching, and that coaching practices be evidence based and research backed. Robert has over 20 years of business experience and is an ICF Accredited Mentor Coach and the author of over 240 hrs of accredited coach training. He is a member of the Coaching Psychology interest group at the APS and a Member of the Australian Institute of Management Consultants.

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Sue Hefren

COO & Coach Trainer
Canberra, ACT / Riverina NSW

Sue’s expertise is in personal development and transformational change. She has a reputation for facilitating insightful conversations, helping people overcome their self-imposed limitations and equipping them to flourish in their lives and businesses. She is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential, living rich and rewarding lives. Sue has extensive experience training and mentoring coaches and is skilled at providing valuable insight their coaching practice and deliver high quality outcomes for their clients.

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Senior Coaches


Matt Waldron

Personal Development Coach
Canberra, ACT

Matt is a personal and professional leadership coach. He is a qualified trainer and a inspiring speaker. His purpose is to encourage, inspire and practically equip people to unlock their potential and bring their best game to life.

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Sally Dooley

Personal Development Coach
Canberra, ACT

Sally is a leader, facilitator, coach, speaker and writer who is passionate about helping women reach their leadership potential.


Michelle Freebody

Coach Trainer
Goulburn NSW / Canberra ACT

Michelle is an expert in the field of weight loss and personal transformation. She has been a personal trainer for over 12 years and is also a highly qualified and experienced life coach who is passionate about empowering women.


Sherryn Bowers

Personal Development Coach
Melbourne, VIC

Sherryn brings a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter, empowering people to become more effective leaders, first of themselves, then of others.

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Mark Setch

Coach Training Manager
Brisbane, QLD

Mark is a specialist in self-leadership and personal development. His passion is to equip people to unleash their life and leadership potential through transformational change. Mark is an ICF recognized Coach Mentor and has mentored emerging leaders for over 25 years.

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Craig Findlay

Personal Development Coach
Gold Coast, QLD

Craig is an expert in change management. Craig has a passion to help people manage change in their life, to find the best strategies, tap into unrealised potential, so it brings greater fulfilment in their life.

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Geoffrey Roberts

Personal Development Coach
Canberra, ACT

 Geoff is a life coach, motivational speaker and facilitator with a passion to help people find joy, peace, hope and success. He loves working with individuals and organisations to achieve authentic change and clear outcomes.

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Despina Sfakinos

Personal Development Coach
Sydney, NSW

Despina has worked across fields as varied as law, mining, design, education, health and government agencies. She is passionate about leadership development, self-awareness and wellbeing.

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Jacinta Ojwang

Personal Development Coach
Goulburn, NSW

Jacinta is committed to helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams by reframing their thinking and implementing tangible change so they can live a life of fulfilment, success and happiness.


Ross Nancarrow

Personal Development Coach
Port Macquarie, NSW

Ross is a life motivation coach. His desire to bring genuine results to those who want more out of life and from them selves.


Cheryl Mason

Personal Development Coach
Lake Macquarie, NSW

Cheryl is a life and relationship coach. Her desire is to see people achiveing personal breakthroughs and experiencing outstanding success in their relationships and life.


Kylie Cullinan

Personal Development Coach
Bega, NSW

Kylie is an experienced life coach. She has a wealth of experience coaching leaders in organsations and is passionate about helping people see with clarity and find a solution.


Mary Hawkes

Personal Development Coach
Adelaide, SA

Mary has a passion to see people thrive and break out of the limits of their past and their unhelpful thinking. She enjoys helping her clients challenge their sense of ‘normal’ in order to see them thrive.

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Peter Ingram

Personal Development Coach
Melbourne, VIC

Peter is a life and career coach. He has a passion for seeing people set free from limiting beliefs and unresourceful behaviours so they can live fulfilling and meaningful lives.