Stuggling to get outcomes for stream 4 clients?

Here are the
 top 5 coaching keys proven to move stream 4 clients

Moving stream 4 clients who are stuck is our toughest challenge and most profitable outcome at the same time. These are the right tools for the job and better than anything I've used before

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Jodie Craig MBC site manager Goulburn

    I've used the HOPE coaching program for over two years and seen hundreds of lives changes and major barriers overcome. 

  • avatar Ben Brewer Employment plus area manager South East QLD

    These coaches bring such a heart and passion to really serve the long term unemplpyed which is really impressive. 
    We've seen people who are unable or unwilling to move forward get unstuck and take hold of practical steps to get back into work

  • Jacqui Manager of Campbell page Batemans Bay NSW

    We've been using the HOPE program over a long period of time in Campbell page Batemans Bay with huge success. We see clients come out of the program in a very different headspace

The power of life coaching

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Why H.O.P.E Coaching?

  1. Frees case workers from the need to be counsellors. The HOPE coaching program has been designed SPECIFICALLY for dealing the typical barriers of the long term unemployed. Our coaching program helps the client deal with their barriers to work, so the case worker is free to simply help them find work. 
  2. It get's the clients out their ‘stories’. Sometimes sending stream 4 clients to counsellors or psychologists only embeds them further in their 'story'. Coaching moves them out of story and focuses them on the future.
  3. Life Coaching provides the best tools for change available. It is right in the pocket of what a stream 4 client really needs to check back into life. It is completely judgement free and non-prescriptive. It is always about serving the desired outcomes of the client and it works!
  4. Equips those people who have been stuck by their circumstances to make progress again. It is an incredible privilege to see people who have been stuck in hopelessness find hope again. Our coaches are passionate about getting your clients unstuck.
  5. Empowers people to get the work they desire. There is no such thing as an unresourceful person, just an unresourceful state. Coaching empowers clients to become resourceful and get the outcomes they really want in life.

About Frazer Holmes Coaching

From the very outset, our company has specialized in the provision of tailored life coaching programs for job seekers. We have a proven track record in effectively servicing a wide range of non-vocational barriers to employment for clients in many JSA providers including Salvation Army Employment Plus, Campbell Page, Mission Australia, Sureway, WISE, Auswide Projects and Workways.

Frazer Holmes coaches are passionate about helping people from all walks of life make the most of their greatest asset – themselves! We are thrilled to be able to partner with Job Services Australia providers to give their clients HOPE – Happiness, Opportunity, Progress and Empowerment.

Robert Holmes.
Frazer Holmes Coaching

Join our free JSA resource mailing list and get the Free PDF with all 5 coaching tools you can use to get results fast.

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