Life Coaching

You only have one life to live. Better make the most of it!
Are you successful but not really happy? Do you lack confidence and self esteem? Do you know what you want, but don’t know how to get there? Do you feel stuck? We meet people all the time for whom life isn’t working out the way they planned or imagined.

Perhaps you are ready to discover your passion, purpose and establish a clear direction for your life. You are capable of so much more, you have aspirations and dreams that lie just out of reach and no fast sell, three step technique you've tried before has worked.

Frazer Holmes provide simple solutions to complex human problems because we are experts when it comes to people. We offer coaching to a wide range of clients who need some assistance in breaking old patterns of behaviour, want to overcome a particular challenge and need a believable strategy to do so.

Coach Training

Master the art of doing life well. Help others reach their potential.
Do you deal with needy, broken or dysfunctional people who just seem stuck in their story and can’t seem to break out of it? Then you're probably frustrated with your current set of tools. When you sum up the fruit of your labours, they might not look like much. But you never signed up for that.

Whatever background you come from, we all share a common heart and passion: we love helping people. You want to be part of seeing people set free and empower them to reach their potential and you need the best tools in the game to really make a difference and get breakthrough.

Frazer Holmes coaches are experts when it comes to people. We provide simple solutions to complex human problems because we understand how people work. What you’ll find with us is the fusion of art and science – tools, techniques and a coaching structure that is authentic, elegant and beautiful.



Discover the best tools for personal development and how you can help other people flourish...

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