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Australia's finest coaches deliver elegantly simple solutions to your unique and complex people problems.



Frazer Holmes coaches are experts in helping people just like you discover simple solutions to your unique and complex problems. Personal development is the key to your breakthrough. Your coaching journey will be second to none as you master the art and science of doing life well.

Coach Training

Our highly acclaimed internationally accredited coach training will equip you with the best tools in the game to really make a difference and get breakthrough. With us you will discover fusion of art and science – coaching tools and techniques that are authentic, elegant, beautiful and life transforming.

Nathan Griffith Gold Coast

I don't think I've ever been impacted so much in such a short space of time in my whole life. I've spent a lot of time around high class leaders, mentors and trainers. But I learned more about breakthrough in three days with Frazer Holmes than I have in my whole life up to this point. What you are doing is world changing.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Elegantly Simple Solutions: We are experts when it comes to people. In our experience, most people believe that their problems are unique and highly complicated. The truth is they are neither. We are masters at helping people find elegantly simple solutions to their complex people problems. 
  • The Coaching Frame: We believe that every conversation or interaction we have with other people is experienced through a frame. The frame helps us know how to make sense of what we are hearing or seeing and informs what we should expect. The frame we bring to a conversation with a friend is very different to the one we use as parent, child, business partner, employee, boss, spouse, expert, coach, mentor, stranger, customer, teacher or student. Changing the frame, changes your experience of what’s in the frame. 
  • Leverage for Change: When it comes to personal and professional development, the right frame plus the best available tools provides the most powerful leverage for transformational change available to mankind. The coaching methodology draws upon the very best tools from the realms of counselling, psychology, neuroscience and human behavioural science and frames them extraordinarily well for facilitating deep and lasting change. It is our experience that the outcomes delivered by coaching will be far more effective and have greater longevity than are achieved through traditional approaches.. 

Upcoming Training


Canberra   6-8 April 2018 


Distance   April 2018


Canberra  5-9 April 2018

Our Services


We are a company of Australia's finest coaches. We deliver high quality outcomes for people from all walks of life, including:

  • ​Youth: resilience building, personal development, self-esteem, goals and motivation
  • Return Service Personnel: trauma recovery, life management skills, goal setting & motivation
  • Long Term Unemployed: overcoming barriers to employment, trauma and addiction recovery, motivation, direction, confidence, self-esteem 
  • Executives: career path planning and transition, performance management, confidence, communication, life balance
  • Business Owners: business goals and planning, staff performance management, teams and culture, communication, succession planning


As an internationally accredited coach training provider, we offer world class personal and professional development courses and coach training packages including: 

  • Fully Accredited Coach Training Packages: Options for commencing or progressing your career as a coach (your choice of 60+ to 250+ hours of high value accredited training taking you from first principles right through to master coaching and beyond)
  • Three Day Professional Development Intensives: Perfect for professionals seeking to build the coaching skillset into their existing career. We also deliver bespoke professional development courses for businesses and organisations.

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